BS029 Bose Ensemble - Eugenic teddybears

"Album "Eugenic teddybears" contains music pieces created in year 2008. It could be a story about toxic childhood in post-soviet state of East Europe, it possible that main inspiration of this material was singing of birds. Obviously, it's really hard to remember that at the moment" - Bose Ensemble

01 - UHT milk trauma
02 - aisthesis (traffic for two flutes, two pots, water, ceramic bell, few hanger loops, sticky tape, carrier bag and knitting needle)
03 - wooden curve
04 - tribute (traffic for default room environment, two wooden sticks, two random chats and Glenn Gould performing Aria from Bach's Goldberg Variations)
05 - Untitled (take 1) Part I
06 - Untitled (take 1) Part II
07 - Untitled (take 1) Part III