BS062 Radio For The Daydreamers - Praying for the Be​(​a​)​st

"away from my room,
it is only light I can hate,
for it is only light I can not be.

"Praying for the Be(a)st" is the second "Act" of the triptych with the same name. This section is a narrative of our character's struggle to find a cure to the plague that his mind has become after visiting Mother Superior in the first act. After tiresome tries to tie a connection with the outside world, a lack of power and therefore, a need for a better perspective is imperative.

The album follows the character as he tries to find shelter in the shades of gray and learns to adapt to any means necessary to get rid of any short-term turmoils. While the real world seems more and more distant, he sees himself as the strongest force in his universe. Creating demons to fight and stars to dismantle, future is not for a few days still." - Radio For The Daydreamers

01 - We Are Only Safe Before Sunrise
02 - Wasted Faces In Secret Places
03 - Dont Give Up On Me Yet, Dad
04 - Glowing Like Angels, You Are On Fire
05 - Ghosts keep me safe, while you are gone
06 - Neither Of Us Will Live On
07 - Bloodlights (Oh I Sleep)
08 - Hours of the Night
09 - Prog Jazz (All musicians are freaks)
10 - When You Die
11 - To Rid the Be(a)st
12 - Necrosis Stupor
13 - Curl Up, Time To Die (When Jazz ate my soul)
14 - No one ever comes here, but me
15 - Freelance dream killing machine
16 - We, the Howling Damned
17 - Treacherous
18 - 30 Pieces of Silver
19 - Knife Party


BS061 Cameron Steele - Orpheus

“Orpheus was a musician from Greek mythology who's wife was sent to the underworld. He traveled there to retrieve her and she was released under the condition that Orpheus did not turn to look at her until they were both out of the underworld. As soon as he was out of the underworld, he turned to look and his wife disappeared because they were not both out yet.

The music has a lot to do with those feelings, as well as the essence of each of the Greek Olympian Gods that the songs are named after.” - Cameron Steele

01 - Zeus
02 - Athena
03 - Aphrodite
04 - Ares
05 - Eros
06 - Artemis
07 - Poseidon
08 - Hephaestus
09 - Hermes
10 - Demeter
11 - Apollo
12 - Dionysus
13 - Hera
14 - Hades
15 - Hestia