I'm a glitch hop, drum & bass, IDM, breakcore and experimental producer, also a painter.

Midnight Moodswings

 Midnight Moodswings is an increment from the confusion and seclusion that "Radio for the Daydreamers" have created.

Imaginary people telling imaginary stories to imaginary listeners.

Claudio Nuñez

 Claudio Nuñez was born in Buenos Aires in 1959. He studied classical guitar during the 70s, composition with Hilda Dianda and obtained a choral conductor degree in 1980.
Claudio lived in the USA between 1981 and 2004. He has released 7 CDs: "Algunas revelaciones sobre el tango chino", "La zappatilla de zappa" "El zen del tango - el tango del zen", "Paseando por lomas", "Solos en la madrugada" "Freejazz on monday" and "Freejazz on sunday". 

He has participated in several projects in Los Angeles (Dannie Cove Big Band, Storacci Sextet, Carlos Miralles group, Bhrama Nada and the Nuñez/Tomlinson/Weiss trio), and in New York (Nuñez-Bagnato duet, the Charlie Martins quartet and several versions of the Claudio Nuñez trío, quartet or quintet with people like Sam Hendrix, John Riley, Larry Grenadier, Matt Wilson, Charles Gayle, William Parker, George Fernandez, etc.), covering the space from modern jazz to freejazz and avant garde classical to indian classical music and new tango.


 BOOL is a poet from Tokyo, Japan.

Viktar Siamashka & Co

 Viktar Siamashka practices the improvised music since childhood and doesn’t have the musical education, uses a wide arsenal of wind and percussion instruments along with sound effects. For a long time musician was playing in Belarusian groups ‘Knyaz Myshkin’ and ‘Nagual’, involved in own non-public projects in the meantime. He began to play solo concerts from 2012.

MOLOTOK Ensemble

 MOLOTOK Ensemble (the part of The Union of young composers of Russia) – a group of composers and musicians from Novosibirsk in West Siberia: Ilya Ilderkin, Maria Krasilova, Dmitry Mazurov and Vassily Eliferenko.

Victor Ivaniv

 Victor Ivaniv – siberian-settled writer and poet, laureate of Andrey Belyi Prize (2012).

Ak'chamel, The Giver of Illness

 AK'CHAMEL  (formerly called CHAIRS) are malevolent witch-doctors who cast spells of sickness while forging alchemy of sin and sound. They are the "giver of illness"; here to sell portions of your soul to the Earth-Lord, and bring death to your ears.
If you are willing to bargain chunks of your soul, Ak'chamel will gladly take them from you and re-sell 'em for double market value. 
We'll bring you blindness, cancer, organ-failure by way of the sound sorcerer. The sicker you become, the richer we get. Thanks.

pato cós

 pato cós is a Portuguese musician based in Coimbra, Portugal, where he records in the houses he inhabites. His work is built from the sounds of daily life - someone arriving home, washing the dishes, lighting a cigarette or moving a chair; electrodomestics, traffic; a guitar, a tambourine or a cardbox -, by its replication or by its transfiguration. He works the ambiguity of mechanical sounds perceived as organic and organic sounds perceived as mechanical. He works the human dimension of the machine as a human creation - the machine as an instrument for the stimulation of ideas and emotions; the human mediated by the machine; the machine transfigured.

Alex Charles

 Musician working with loops of small audio events


 MUTATE is improvised, experimental soundscapes, dark ambient, intense in nature, mixing live drones with off-kilter beats, shortwave radio & random foundsounds. Other times, MUTATE is completely something else.

MUTATE has collaborated with numerous fringe artists, including Hyaena Fierling Reich, Alex Charles/Thee Moths, Laetitia Schteinberg, Kommissar Hjuler/Mama Baer, Milk (The Mekano Set) and Hsin Yi Chang (Glass Diamond), et al.
MUTATE is the sound project of UK improviser, Ade Bordicott. Always on the outside, looking in.


 Desposyni are
Adrian Bordicott: processed guitar, devices
Hyaena Fierling Reich: live electronics, voice

"Man is a dumpster.
Man is a wretch.
Man is awfulness.
Man is disgust.

You know bad luck lurks everywhere.
You know suffering is everywhere.
You know hatred is everywhere.
You know wickedness is everywhere.
And poetic own bare handed justice is the only solution for these curses.
For these curses that hang like swords upon us.
And upon YOUR heads as well.

Behold us.
We are messengers.
We are contemporaries of everything.
We are so compassionate yet so glacial.
We are the very proof of the damnation of Man.
We are the very proof of the damnation of Humanity.

We are a heartached, nervous, restless, sleepless scourge.
Just like you.
Just like you.

And only music is our only consolement.
And only music is our only therapy.
And only music is our only salvation.
And only music is our only relief.
And only music is the cure we developed for the cancer that is killing Humanity.

We read with our fingers instead of our eyes.
We play with snakes.
We explode in silence.
We are deeply immersed in the still of the night.
We are a legion in a cold desert, under a cold sky.
We are thrown to the ground, sleeping, in the very place where we found ourselves standing.
We are a thousand million discordant voices in total annulation.
We are soldiers in the battlefield, who have lost their sword, their horse, their captain, we have seen our best friend and our brother die in front of us.
We are soldiers with mortal wounds about to fall dying in the dust of a battle that time will not remember ever again.
We are virgins mortally hit in the head by falling meteorites.

We are Desposyni.
Kneel before us and be released."

Nature Circuit

 Noise/drone artist releasing material on K-PDT.

Marc Broude

 Marc started recording while living in a squatter artist collective in 2005 playing in various bands with genres like black metal, grindcore, punk, and noise. In 2006 he released the 7″ single "Psychological Warfare". That same year Marc, Danny Cortez and Chris Anderson formed Zog, a black metal outfit that disbanded 10 months later following the death of Danny Cortez. Marc took a break through 2007-2008 and continued his solo endeavor in 2009 releasing the seventy-two minute dark ambient dirge "Rites of Zen" and then "Medicine", a fusion of free improvisation and avant-garde jazz.
Joewl Levis

 "Joewl Levis is Australias top film maker and musical artist. I am 37 years old. Joewl Levis name came about in about 91. Its a reference to my father. I made a few films in the 90s based on the charactor and it developed into the crazy music I make. Its hard to describe it all. Just a vivid imagination."

Kid Feardive

 Kid Feardive makes electronic noise inspired by Can, Faust, Wolfseule, and Lightningbolt.

Citizen Prozac 
 "I was born (just) I am alive (kind of) I will die (one day)"

 Kalendar is a duo, Paul Ibram and Stephen Shiell, working between electro-acoustic, analogue improvisation and experimental sounds that are a construct of random empathetic associations in a framework of coherence and confusion. Kalendar create continuous landscapes of noise impressions, working backwards and forwards over time, effecting chronological dislocations in the receivers’ imaginations.
 All performances are unplanned collaborations and are totally improvised.
 Kalendar have played throughout the UK and published internationally.
 All recordings are first take with post production work limited to compression.
 The moods and emotions expressed vary over the time of the set so performances are unique although the sounds often resonate with similarities.

Mehata Hiroshi 
 "I play in tokyo, Japan. I started solo works since 2007. My self released' NOUM'(2007),'Noum Anbasa'(2008). I have a band 'ToGoRoNoMiKo'. We had on tour in Australia. Also, Mehata Sentimental Legend played in Melbourne. Now I play 1~2 solo gigs a month in Tokyo."

Wilhelm Matthies

 "I am interested in developing and playing the kokeka solo and with various collaborators. The kokeka is a blend of influences of various world instruments. An important feature is that it has no set tuning or scales and is capable of being transformed very quickly, so it can sound vaguely traditional but also experimental. I have been working in the last half year with various artists primarily using improvisational playing methods but also with processing or re-arranging improvised material (Wilhelm Matthies). One very exciting development has been to find a way to blend new western classical music practices with elements of gagaku music. “Itsukashima” is Mehata Hiroshi’s and my second in a series of this sort.
 I especially enjoy blending elements of various world cultures to express what it is be in this present moment."


 The Soliton Project collects and works with everyday sounds, subjecting them to analogue and digital processes, then layering these manipulated sounds to create compositions. Source material is often gathered from the ‘leakage’ of sound from technologies and industrial machinery and explored for its rhythmic and melodic qualities, transforming ‘nonmusical’ sound into musical compositions.
 Soliton also creates sculptural installations which produce sound and music, by making nonmusical objects create rhythms and sound.
 Soliton is a project by Stephen Shiell.
Marco Lucchi 
 Italian artist, curator of the O.E.S. (Orchestra Eclettica e Sincretista) collective.
Korin VG 
 Vladimir Korin from Saratov, Russia. The architect. In life - the artist (the Member of the Union of Artists of Russia), Creates musical meditations on the computer.

Miquel Parera Jaques 

 Sound explorer from Barcelona, Spain. Founder of  the personal netlabel Computermusicneix

 "I'm Angelo Secondini aka Cometa.
 I'm a resounding no, infinitesimal part of an all too great, so I make noise, because my body is extended in space.
 I am the son of laborers, they children of workers too, perhaps the first of my race to be able to think beyond survival.
 The first in the race to think of art as an indispensable form of liberation.
 I'm a comet in the darkness of my being nothing."

Ocelote Rojo

 Ocelote Rojo is Francisco Aravena from Santiago, Chile making homemade recordings.

Urban Interventions

 It was against the bustling and cosmopolitan backdrop of downtown Zurich that two sound artists AN MOKU and Marcus Beuter have collaborated to produce "Urban Interventions" - an engineered soundscape epitomizes an altered perception of everyday life.
Пограничное Состояние 

 Константин Божьев - идеолог проекта "Пограничное Состояние" - начинал ещё в конце 80-х годов, как продвинутый фотограф московского авангарда. Судьба сводила его со многими людьми, в числе которых - музыкант Алексей Борисов ("Ночной Проспект", F.R.U.I.T.S., "Волга"), художник и артист Герман Виноградов ("БИКАПО"), авангардист и экспериментатор Алексей Тегин ("Phurpa", "Corpse") и многие другие тесно связанные между собой личности.
 В начале 93-го года стартовал сольный проект Божьева под зазывающим названием "Пограничное Состояние". Группа сразу стала востребована на московской авангардной сцене, не смотря на то, что играла провокационную шумовую музыку a-la Missing Foundation, и стала выступать вместе с такими коллективами, как уже упоминавшийся ранее "Ночной Проспект", Alien Pat. Holman, Radio 1 в клубах "ПТЮЧ", Alyabeff, "Улица Радио", Bnkr и др.
 К концу 90-х стилистика коллектива резко изменилась: появились отдельные композиции мелодекламатического характера, объединённые одной общей идеей. Из шума родились риффы, и группа постепенно сменила эстетику нойзового потрясения в сторону краут-рока и медитативного рока.
 В середине 00-х состав снова поменялся: На смену ударным пришёл замысловатый Hand Sonic, были введены новые инструменты. Теперь группу можно смело окрестить психоделическим роком с элементами шумовой импровизации, мелодекламации и медитативного эмбиента.

Hyaena Fierling Reich 

 Née Ana Cordeiro Reis, Lisboa, Portugal 1977.

 Develops a body of sound work since 1999 as a composer, experimentalist and overall sonic adventurer; works with experimental/improvised/noise music since 1996. Her work is based in experimentation and improvisation, involving the capture of real life sounds and ambients, as well as programming and editing (based on filmic canons) of sound sequences with uncanny sound sources - metal and wood objects, stones, musical instruments (knives, prepared bass guitar, Hexluth - electrified luth, Mayan ceramic flutes, traditional Portuguese percussions, Micro Korg / Moog synthetizer) or the exploration of sounds in spaces with specific acoustic characteristics - being afterwards edited and sequenced according to soundtrack-building techniques, breaking the borders of experimental music and sound in cinematic space.

 She has a background of Film Studies, Sound Engineering and Scriptwriting taken at the Lisbon Conservatory, is daughter to film directors Margarida Cordeiro and António Reis, who legated her important knowledge of aesthetic, cultural and artistic matters through an erudition-oriented education, and has studied matters of improvisation, experimentalism and musicology with portuguese experimental pioneers Vitor Rua and Jorge Lima Barreto (Telectu). On her own as an autodidact student she has studied accuratedly over the years Musicology and Religion History.

 Her side projects can be listed: Imbolc, ZLKNF, Arraial, Sabotage en Masse, Satnorte, Light Implant, Rent a Ghost, Lunéville, The Shadow of No Man and Luz Trina. She cooperated live and in studio with projects (among others) such as Karnnos, Variable Geometry Orchestra, Vitor Rua's Os Ressoadores and Choronzon 333.   

 She has an extensive archive of photography works developed through the years as well as visual artworks. She directed the documentary film The Invisible Kingdom, the short films The White Eyes of Time, Northwards Southwards, Northwards, Belle Chasse, Clara Gemma Mauritania, Fleuve Amour, and the feature film Etsaiak (unfinished). She also wrote the poem book UNDIVORA, awaiting publishing.

 She teaches Sound Theory, having elaborated the contents of the classes based on writings of her own on musicology and various books by composer, lead experimentalist and theorist F. Murray Schafer; additionally, integrated to the classes texts by Vsevolod Pudovkin, S.M.Eisenstein, Pierre Schaefer, François Bayle, Gyorgy Ligeti, Dziga Vertov, John Cage, Fernando Lopes-Graça, Erwin Panofsky, Michel Chion, Hanns Eisler, Paul Klee, Jorge Lima Barreto, among others.

 She is currently filming the experimental motion picture ALTISPIRA.

 She is based near Lisboa, Portugal and lives with a cat called Vellocet.


 ZMG is a contemporary composer of incidental music for films and videogames,who based his career in genres of terror, horror, suspense and impact.
 He lives in Argentina. Throughout all these years he has created countless sound designs making himself a place in the national scene and also he worked for USA, Colombia, Spain, Chile, France and others.


 Geronimodeleon is the pseudonym for Jay Umphres, who currently resides in San Diego, California. Having abandoned public radio in the early 1990’s after 8 years on air, Jay has carried his love of music and visual art along with a strict devotion to independently managing his art in a manner typified by in Ayn Rand’s The Fountainhead.                                                                        
 A graduate of the University of New Mexico, Jay studied video, film and audio production in the context of the College of Fine Arts, developing a love for Modern Dance, and further fueling his love of experimental music.
 Jay’s interest in experimental music extends to field recording, and post production treatments, as well as instrument construction. In 1998 Jay constructed and installed a large temporary/prototype wind activated instrument (30’ x 70’ appx.) in rural (and windy) New Mexico (on a site near Santa Fe)  recording its ambience for use in compositions, and documenting it visually for future funding proposals.  
 The late ‘90s and the ‘00s were spent working as a Journeyman technician in much of the western United States, affording long road trips (windshield time) useful for developing concepts and scenarios for art. It was in this period that Jay revisited his love for experimental music, Soundtracks for Dance, and the budding project raining cloud evidencing this.  
 Soundtracks for Dance was created mostly in evenings in the motel room, mainly in the San Francisco Bay area.


 Melophobia is the sound of our inside... This project is not about music, not about
ideas, not about fun... This is what we hear everyday, apart from music.
 We record the sounds we find free out there, then we manipulate them, some guitars or voices may be found live or sampled... Our best instrument is a record player and a lot of vinyls stacked there asking for our mercy... 

 Imagine sound art as a landscape. Music is one location in that landscape. Speculativism explores the neighbouring locations on that landscape, next to music, around music, near or far in relation to music.

 All the tracks are art which has some relation to music but not necessarily conforming to any of the rules usually imposed upon music. Here you will find noise, comedy, Dada, experimentation and satire.

 Speculativism is Peter-David Smith, a UK-based artist. In the 1960s he went to a rotten, cheap nasty comprehensive school where they didn’t allow the kids to touch musical instruments (in order to prevent breakage) and where they didn’t teach music (in order to prevent kids from forming rock and roll bands) - thus creating a situation where Peter-David was forced to the path of autodidacticism and a strange relationship with music, soundart and noise.

Syrtis Major 

 These songs are not nice songs, they are not supposed to be. Most of them are composed at night after a nervous breakdown.

 Subterrestrial is a dark ambient/experimental music project headed by Gary Ransford, an electronic artist from the San Francisco Bay Area. Subterrestrial explores hollow earth and subterranean themes that appear in science, literature and religion using a variety of experimental musical styles as a vehicle. Gary Ransford has been involved with experimental music since the mid-90s, including such projects as The Violet Grind and Imperial Floral Assault Unit. After a long hiatus, he began working again in early 2010 with Subterrestrial. The debut release by Subterrestrial is a free web album titled “The Goddess of Atvatabar,” based on the 1891 novel of the same name by American writer William R. Bradshaw.

 Cagey House has been releasing lively and unusual Creative Commons music through netlabels for several years.

 Bose Ensemble is studio music project founded by two artist from Cracow, Poland. Its idea is to create improvised and conceptual music with use of aleatoric methods in process of production and using all available beings as source of sound, in particular accidental environment.


 "The oeuvre of Fescal is an attempt of disproving the notion that instrumental music is by default incapable of delivering a message. Firmly rooted in deep ambient, atmospheric drones and darkly associative soundscapes, the project's first trio of releases doesn't require metaphorical spoken word contributions, pseudo-intellectual titles or liner notes to rise above the mere acoustic massage and „pure entertainment“ of most albums from the genre. Rather, the Devil's in the detail, revealing itself through a glacially unfolding narrative." - June 17th 2010, by Tobias Fischer

 One of the members of “A screaming comes across the sky”, who had been working on his secret solo record, “Severe Sensational Teenage Soul” for the past 75 years. It was finally finished 7/18/2010 to be enjoyed by all.

 Japan based experimentalist Kyo Yanagi describes his alter ego as an experimental unit since 1998. He uses algorithmic and process based electronic composition techniques, creating textures which fluctuate from warm and delicate to visceral and abrasive. 

 What started out as one individual's solo project, going by the moniker of "St. Fallen", eventually turned into this project, simply for the need of additional elements to the sound.

 Yajna Vedana, as we interpret it, is a sacrifice of the senses, towards a different way of perceiving the universe.

 We've all come to need our five senses, to the point at which the loss of one is considered a "handicap" or a "disability". This shouldn't be so, the lesser senses you have, the more aware you may become.

 This is the goal of Yajna Vedana, not to blind ourselves to reality, but rather, refuse to take in the illusion that we call reality.

 "Dreamless sleep is the trailer of Truth", a friend once said.

 Skerror is Ryan Svendsen, of Oregon, USA. He produces dark ambient/industrial electronic music, drawing inspiration from science fiction, fantasy, occult, gothic, and modern/postmodern literature and film.

 A Screaming Comes Across the Sky was started in 2003 by ignominious rogue Andrei Benjamin and Jack Parsons aficionado John Storm. The band was originally formed as some sort of juvenile prank, which spiraled out of control in 2004 when the duo recorded their debut album A Wind of Change is a Wind of Friendship in a limited edition of one copy, which apparently sounded like Duran Duran, but somehow even more effete. A and J wised up, however, and later that year released the way-cool and way-tuff Take That Hüsker, a concept album about rival bandleaders who battled it out on the global stage until one of them died and the other one started releasing shitty solo LPs. All was not right with the group, however, and tensions rose so high that Andrei actually died in a mudslide, and John realised that changes needed to be made before he could continue his departed friend's lifework. After consulting the tarot, John recruited two new members; the repudiated 'rockabilly pastor that nobody knows' Hans Zimmer, Jr., and local vagrant Django Shacklebot. Together and with noted producer Wildman Hagman, this trio recorded the seminal Void Terror and, while shopping for labels to release the masterwork, came across noted car-door-chain-smacker Steve Davis, who agreed to put out the album if the group would augment their sound with the addition of IRA bomber Sirhan Wilkes Oswald. It is believed that Mr. Oswald is, in reality, a robot. In the Spring of 2009, in the midst of producing followup record Angriff der Mörderpizzas, Storm consulted a map of London with the buildings designed by Nicholas Hawksmoor notated in the shape of a spooky ghost and discovered that there were, in fact, MAGIC WORDS hidden in the ghost's naughty bits, upon saying these words, a knock at the door revealed the presence of The Prodigal Sun, a chaos magician who looks suspiciously like Andrei Benjamin wearing a mask. Now five members strong, A Screaming Comes Across the Sky looks forward to the future...but what does the future hold? Find out in the thrilling conclusion to this biography!
Thus The Tinsilemen

 On the outskirts of the San Joaquin, hidden just over the hills of the East Bay, and tucked safely away from the capital city, three outcasts drug themselves out of the Great California Aqueduct with one thing in mind. They must stop the radiowaves of America, leaving her as clean and pure as she deserves to be. No more suits taking the money and making the rules. No more executive boards serving up unhealthy portions of BULL$#!+ to her youth, leaving them starving for untempered with melodies. No longer will the people of this great land have to suffer in ignorance. Thus The Tinsilemen are here to offer a voice to the disheartened music lover, and to scrape around the inside of your skull like a pumpkin carver. 


 The one man project from Nowhere investigating nature of the origin of sounds and their transformation into feelings. Any rules, any cliché and stereotypes cannot be on this way into that Unknown and Music only an echo of its possible presence beyond the limits of a seeming reality.

 Painter and sound artist from Siberia also known for his music projects Muhmood and Druid Moss, currently based in New Jersey USA.
Experiments with field recordings, soundscapes, noises, sound installations.
 The first field recordings album is released in 2010 on the Portugal netlabel Green Field Recordings.

 Cezary Gapik (also known as CEZAR) was born in Czestochowa, Poland in 1963. He started his musical activity in 1980 as an animator of punk rock bands. Soon enough he discovered new sounds which were brought by the punk rock rebellion. Cabaret Voltaire, Public Image Ltd. or other “new wave” bands had an enormous influence on the perception of music by Cezar. Plunging into the fundaments of musical avant-garde (Karlheinz Stockhausen, Morton Feldman, Luc Ferrari, La Monte Young), the appearance of new creative possibilities (computer) together with the works of artists like Mick Harris (Lull, Scorn), Illusion of Safety, etc. had definitively shaped the musical direction towards which Cezary Gapik follows.
 His musical creation is based on drones and micro-tonal sound planes interlaced with abstract “images” (field recordings) or computer-processed synthetic sounds (glitch). In his compositions one has the opportunity to feel the fascination of the artists like Luc Ferrari, Philip Glass, La Monte Young and the masters of isolationist ambient - Lull, Thomas Köner, Nocturnal Emissions.
 After individual experiments with dark electronic vibes in the mid-nineties Cezar met in 1998 Bartlomiej Kuzniak (bass, sax & electronics musician), with whom he created QG/GQ project. A little trace of this cooperation is a track “Z1” on ”C9H13O3N” album released in limited, 200-pieces edition under the independent label Polycephal.
 The year 2000 brought another collaboration of Cezar with musicians like B. Kuzniak (mentioned above), Joe Giardullo (sax – New York’s jazz avant-garde), Dawid Kosiarkiewicz (sax, prepared piano), Zbigniew Szmatloch (prepared guitar & electronics) and Andrzej Zaleski (drums) which evolved into a concert tour across Poland. The memorable concerts were performed in Warsaw (Centre of Modern Art in Ujazdowski Castle) and in Szczecin (“Kana” Theatre). Part of the Warsaw concert has been included on the “Dokument. Program Strefa” compilation released in 2005.
 Cezar is very often invited for co-operation by grind-core and heavy-metal bands like YATTERING, for whom he composed drones which were used to fill the gaps between tracks on the album “Murder Concept” (2000). He can be called a “fulltime” intro & outro specialist for the band INFERNAL which with his contribution released albums “Terrorfront” (2005) and “Redesecration” (2007).
 Cezar has also an episode with computer gaming industry on his account where he composed an ambient soundtrack for the PC game “Painkiller” released in 2004 and acclaimed by critics.
 Up to year 2006 Cezar has composed in his own self-created studio a large volume of sound material which he regularly released on CD-R discs in limited editions for his friends and fans. Originating from this collection - the album “Artefakt” (2000) has been highly valued and recognized by critics and finally re-released by a netlabel Torrentech in 2009.
 The years 2007 and 2008 can be considered as a pause in Cezar’s creation while the year 2009 brought an increased artist’s activity. After the re-release of “Artefakt” and release by a Russian netlabel DNA Production of the retrospective compilation „The Collection 1998-2006” Cezar brought to life his own label - C.G. Drone Records. The first “fruit” of this project was a mini CDr (3”) „The Limestone EP”. At the same time Cezar tightened his cooperation with DNA Production which resulted in his new EP to be also available for download (mp3 & FLAC format) from this netlabel’s catalogue.
 The year 2009 has also brought a new cooperative project – this time with German ambient musician Siegmar Fricke which concluded with an album CEZAR | PHARMAKUSTIK – „Enukleacja”. The album could be described as a cool, isolationist and dark-ambient creation.
 The year 2010 opened with the release in January by French netlabels Le Colibri Necrophile, Earsheltering and M.i.r.e.n.a. of the compilation „Nektar 2017 Volume 2”. Cezar’s contributed to this production with the track „#0421”. In February C.G. Drone Records released „Zaduszki (All Saints Day) EP” which is a re-edition of the tracks previously composed in the years 1998 and 1999 under the same title.

Carlos Lemosh (Kadoo)

 Carlos Lemosh is a Brazilian born producer based in New Jersey. He started at age 16 doing mixtapes to his friends and experimenting with Musique Concrete. Some would tag him as an IDM or Organic Electronic artist! He also a remixer with remixes done for and other artists under the alias Kadoo.

 Plus:”I record most of the sounds but I also use sound that I find on the internet or something from youtube, I use a zoom mic recorder, mpc sampler, kaoss pad and Logic pro software.”

Christophe Meulien

 “I play guitar from 1980, and I try to play my music. I play improvisation, free improvisation, or on small composition, mine or not. I play acoustic and electric guitar with or without devices, double-bass, electric bass, trumpet, and sometime other object.”

 Christophe Meulien fait de la musique influencée par le jazz, le rock, les musiques du monde, la musique classique européenne, et la musique contemporaine. Il participe de 2005 à 2008 aux rencontres autour de l’improvisation animées par Barre Philips à Puget-ville. Ces rencontres lui permettent de jouer avec de nombreux musiciens pratiquant ce type de musique, et de développer son goût pour l’improvisation libre.

 Black Mouse was once a human (just like you) singing songs into the night air. Now existing between the twilight worlds of reality and the World Wide Web.

 There is a void inside everyone's heart and I've been collecting them.

 Performer/composer/teacher that explores the broken-consort, open score and modular improvisational ideals. Also the leader and founder of the Paul Bailey Ensemble (PBE).

 Psychaotic comes from Psy (on parapsychology this word is used for "mind" and "soul", from the greek ψ  psi) and the omnipresent Chaos as the beginning and end of everything. Both concepts become part of the basic constant in the Universe:

Space, time, mass, and energy originate from Chaos, have their being
in Chaos, and through the agency of the aether are moved by Chaos in
the multiple forms of existence.

 Psychaotic's sound becomes part of an eclectic vortex with no boundaries. Remember that music is just another sensory experience. If a dead body
hits the concrete soil at the correct time maybe that should be music.

 The term ozio – leisure -  (from the Latin "otium") indicates an occupation mainly devoted to intellectual speculation and is opposed to the concept of negotium, employment (more by necessity than by choice) of their business.
 The concept of otium then stated, originally, to do something for pleasure.
 Devote myself to the sounds and artistic expression in general is my otium, the realization of my spiritual pleasure, of my spiritual need, of myself.
 My music, my pictures are the product of my pleasure, of my otium.
 I present my sounds to all those who want to share.
 When I put together some sounds, what I do is obey to my personal critical and aesthetic sense. A critical and aesthetic sense that takes account of my own listening experience and research.
 But composing is not just "put together", put something together with something else.
 Composing means to be inside the sound, let wrap by the sound, sink in the infinity of its possibilities and collect the most significant of those.
 Experience is, after all, always something collective and shared.

 Starting as a solo act (Aki Srivastava), 'Radio for the Daydreamers' has over the months seen various genres, three guitarists, two bassists and two drummers come in and out of the band. During Spring 2009, with shared interests and styles with Keith Coleman, the band was started from the scratch and genres were left to be decided based on the individual songs we wrote together.
 Soon thereafter, Tom Gough was recruited as a bassist who brought in a dissonant yet ambient sound to the band.
 While the drummers came and went, the trio remained together and still continues to do so with writing songs covering the realms of post-rock, post-metal, classic rock, jazz and classical music.
 Robert Moeller is the newest drummer in the band who brought in the style of the likes of Radiohead, Explosions in the Sky, Russian Circles et cetera.

 KraftiM is a soundarchitect from Holland.
 Works with found sounds, voices, fieldrecordings, live wavs and midi's and mixes them in his own cross-rhythmic way.
 Developing  with influences from classic masterpieces towards more ambient, drone-like works that try to capture the full complexity of silence,  as well as more rhythmic experimental pieces that try to shift yer mood rather than move yer feet.
 A part of goal is always to catch the complexity of a moment, a still;  and from there explore the surrounding dimensions,  moving you around on the same spot, only trying to make the spot seem bigger, broader, deeper and higher....