BS086 Black Square Cloudcast - Human Transfixed

Do our black faces search the empty sky? 
Is there something we have forgotten? some precious thing
We have lost, wandering in strange lands?" - Arna Bontemps

Photo: "." by Frederic Desmots

00:00 The Ghost Between The Strings - Nothing Will Happen
09:07 Ownsi Lense - Elementum V
13:01 Spit It Out - Almost There (mix on MIG)
23:40 Ostensibly Ossified - Nothing to Do With Anything
27:17 _Voice - Human Error
33:39 Sanmi - Blindman
36:12 Hox Vox - Undead
40:47 Ghazaleh E - Dead Now (Antioch Arrow Cover)
43:23 Muhmood - Sunn
48:37 Hyaena Fierling Reich - Human Transfixed
52:32 Cometa - Violin_C143


BS085 Melophobia - TateLiverpool

sounds recorded inside Tate Modern in Liverpool / UK
a rainy day (8th of October 2011) 

made and intended for cassette use by Melophobia

01 - 01

BS084 Melophobia - TateModern

raw files recorded inside Tate Modern, early in a sunny morning of April 2011...
not much overproduction, but a lot of silence and real echo/ambience...
Tate Calendar : The Unilever Series: Ai Weiwei (ground / Turbine Hall),
Exhibition : Gabriel Orozco.

recording date : 08 April 2011 (Friday), Tate Modern, Bankside London UK
production / mastering date : 12 June 2011, Greece

six tracks running also as a unedited one of total time of 56'32"
another seventh track with heavier production/rework added as bonus (05'49")

made and intended for minidisc use by Melophobia

01 - 01
02 - 02 
03 - 03
04 - 04
05 - 05
06 - 06
07 - 07 (bonus track)


BS083 Sanmi - Junkie

"Dark dance music EP with sound sampled from voice of William S. Burroughs and strings of Bela Bartok."- Sanmi

01 - The Naked Lunch
02 - Bradley The Buyer
03 - Confessions of an Unredeemed Drug Addict
04 - Words of Advice


BS082 Midnight Moodswings & Seiswork - The Dopamine Recursive

"And in the end, the beaches are left spread out into solitude waiting to be praised for their beauty. The cities creep up like hateful religions filled with nothing; but still pulchritudinous enough to entice just about anyone. The streets lie covered in cigarette butts. The pavements are stitched together with one predicament after another. A million homeless dreams holding each other’s hands and never letting go. “WALK ON US TO GIVE US PURPOSE” The million bombs and dreams that we sacredly sit on every day are the only things that define us anymore. Our prayers are like those bombs, only difference being that they implode. Singing out loud into the ocean, nobody sleeps into silence anymore." 

A collaboration record between Seiswork (Belgium) and Midnight Moodswings (USA). The record explores a mix between acoustic instrumentation, natural soundscapes and different forms of electronica.

01 - The Floor Is
02 - A Good Place
03 - Interlude- Numb As Numbers
04 - To Sleep
05 - When You Cannot
06 - Interlude- Alas! Time Never Flies
07 - Tell The Difference
08 - Between Night And Day
09 - Outro- My Problem With Daylight


BS081 Claudio Nuñez - End of a story

"I use the same modus operandi for most of my albums (except the ones that are composed): I lay some free improvised moods (usually on rhythm instruments) that serve as the frame or background for the rest of the piece... I call this process ¨real time compositions¨ as I never have any ideas or plans before the actual recording starts... When I feel that the group or orchestral feelings reflect the mood I stop adding new layers or instruments... On my solo guitar or piano sets & albums I do the same, just once... Sometimes I decide that format for the instrument group that is going to appear on the album (a piano trio, a guitar trio= piano/guitar, bass & percussion), do so that all the pieces are going to feature those elements as in real group or just limit myself to focus on one of my main instruments... Little games that add to the music a little more mystery... or (as in this album) I use any combination randomly..." - Claudio Nuñez

Electric guitar, fretlles bass, percussion & voice by Claudio Nuñez.

Recorded in January 26 & 27 2013 in Caballito, Buenos Aires.

01 - electric dream blues
02 - eternal sorrow dance 
03 - he closed his eyes...
04 - end of a story


BS080 BOOL - I eat phantom

"Style of this album is a Poem core.
Based on the impact of the Japanese sub-culture (anime, music, comedy, game, radio) it was created in a room of small dark home.
It is said to emerge from the magnificent strain of day-to-day trivial matters.
In this album, abstract language has been used in addition to the Japanese.
Even a man speaking in Japanese when listening will not understand half.
I believe that there is value in that kind of chaos." - BOOL

01 - after dark 
02 - cloud of heaven 
03 - Ancient city emerge 
04 - tacon÷tacon 
05 - vivi