BS030 Cameron Steele - Electrocircus

“This album is partly a science-fiction story about a corrupt regime that turns people into machines, and partly not fiction at all.
Robotic voices are all speech synthesizers having text fed into them. There's also voice samples from an exploitation film, obscure YouTube videos, and musical pop star interviews.” - Cameron Steele

01 - Pretense
02 - So Many Insides
03 - Circa Circus
04 - False Tango of the Last Trapeze
05 - Say We Are
06 - Money Engine
07 - Down Forty-Five
08 - Malcamold Poison
09 - Clown Court
10 - Soliloquist de Ventriloquist
11 - Who Dat
12 - Been a Wrong Road


BS029 Bose Ensemble - Eugenic teddybears

"Album "Eugenic teddybears" contains music pieces created in year 2008. It could be a story about toxic childhood in post-soviet state of East Europe, it possible that main inspiration of this material was singing of birds. Obviously, it's really hard to remember that at the moment" - Bose Ensemble

01 - UHT milk trauma
02 - aisthesis (traffic for two flutes, two pots, water, ceramic bell, few hanger loops, sticky tape, carrier bag and knitting needle)
03 - wooden curve
04 - tribute (traffic for default room environment, two wooden sticks, two random chats and Glenn Gould performing Aria from Bach's Goldberg Variations)
05 - Untitled (take 1) Part I
06 - Untitled (take 1) Part II
07 - Untitled (take 1) Part III


BS028 Fescal - Omnia

Fescal’s recent wayward plunge into the dominion of dark experimental music demonstrates that not only is he a deft of beatless dark ambient drones but of melodic dark electron-organic music as well.
The title track “Ginger Baker” is a noisy venture into an opaque world of undulating drones thundering above subtle textures of electronics and samples.
The aptly named “Vulgar and Kitsch” follows with the catchy babble of strong synth and keyboard samples along with heavy crackles and glitches.
With “Bomdila Monastery” the emphasis is on an assortment of repetitive percussive sounds and looping brazen sonorities.
Fifth “Pork Pie and Beans” is a cold, mellow composition with a beautifully simple minor-keyed melody, sad synths, programmed and brisk, ominous electronics flittering about in the background.
What sounds like sound samples played in reverse set above layers of rolling percussion give “Shrimp Cake” a surreal atmosphere!
“Evening Butterflies” is a playful, abstract collage of thick drones, curious electronics, and static noise.

01 - Ginger Baker
02 - Vulgar and Kitsch
03 - Scampi with Marmite
04 - Bomdila Monastery
05 - Pork Pie and Beans
06 - Shrimp Cakes
07 - Evening Butterflies


BS027 KraftiM - Jobin

il était une fois une poubelle....

Once upon a time there was a bin.
Filled with orphanaged soundsnippets from an artist who hesitated what to do with it. Along came a soundarchitect who just learned to behave more ecologically responsable. And so the bin was searched carefully, parts were scrubbed, put in a new home, chopped, treated, refined, remodelled and combined until 7 tracks came out.
The artist is Joanne Gabriel, the sounds are recycled by KraftiM. The titles are derived from the original tracknames and should be pronounced in french...

and now there is Jobin

01 - Jorigin
02 - Jocir
03 - Jorizon
04 - Jospace
05 - Jonoo
06 - Jomem
07 - Jovisle

Voice and guitar: Joanne Gabriel
Drums on Jonoo: Jorpen Parker
synths, mixing and production: KraftiM
Mastering: Doc

Sleevedesign: KraftiM
based on the picture simulacrum ~5.1 from In_Cognitus


BS026 John Storm - Severe Sensational Teenage Soul

John Storm: Severe Sensational Teenage Soul
Recorded 2010 at Rl'yeh, CA, USA
For stolen portions, refer:
1. Andre Popp, Jim Backus, Slapp Happy
2. Dogtoys.com
3. Verne Langdon, Electric Lemon Record Co.
4. Lee Hazlewood
5. Super Mario World, Coca-Cola
Steve Hazzard is the Walrus

01 - Exhaltation of the Avatar of Lord Baphomet/Severe Sensational Teenage Soul
02 - Don'cha Feel Like a Sex Machine?
03 - Abraham Lincoln's Pizza Cabin
04 - Lisa Carol Freemont
05 - The Fever That Makes You Move Your Hips