"Sky, cradle of the Earth
Her dreams make a world we are living in
All is just an illusion
Everything is a dream...

- It is said enough, I suppose - why do we need to reveal a mystery?.." - Korin VG

01 - dream 1 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 1)
02 - dream 2 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 1)
03 - dream 3 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 1)
04 - dream 4 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 1)

05 - dream 5 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 2-1)
06 - dream 6 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 2-1)

07 - dream 7 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 2-2)
08 - dream 8 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 2-2)



"I think ‘Gogmagog’ is a lost classic, a real timeless masterpiece. All I could find out about the release was this on Discogs - http://www.discogs.com/Folding-Staircase-Gogmagog/release/740094

I bought this cassette in the mid eighties. It was for sale via the Coil mailing list, back in the day when things existed, a time when there were real tangible objects.

In between side one and two of ‘Gogmagog’ I have placed some of my field recordings. I made the flute recordings by a street musician on a very cheap cassette recorder. They were recorded in Kathmandu in the very early 90’s.

Following this is a cassette recording that was given to me in Siwa, Egypt. Unfortunately I have no idea who the artists are playing on this.

After this I have placed another field recording I made in Kathmandu, this time of a street musician singing and playing a small bowed instrument much like a violin.

Sorry for the sound quality!" - Andrew Liles

The Folding Staircase - Land Of Stone
The Folding Staircase - Gogmagog
The Folding Staircase - Artemis
The Folding Staircase - Crying Flesh
The Folding Staircase - Chorus - Water
The Folding Staircase - Chorus - Fire
The Folding Staircase - Set On The Hill
Andrew Liles - Field Recording 1 Kathmandu, Nepal
Andrew Liles - Field Recording 2 Kathmandu, Nepal
Andrew Liles - Field Recording 3 Kathmandu, Nepal
Unknown Artist - Egyptian Music
Andrew Liles - Field Recording 4 Kathmandu, Nepal
The Folding Staircase - Organ Works, Parts 1-6
The Folding Staircase - Organ Works, Part 7