Black square on white field, carrying abstraction to its ultimate geometric simplification.

Called a "dead square" and a "void" by the critics, as well as "the greatest by far among the fairground tricks of instant culture." To Malevich, however, this square symbolized a "full void", in that it showed how painting could fulfill itself unaided by any reference to a specific external reality. For him the square represented only Suprematism: "the supremacy of pure feeling" in and of itself. Malevich removes specific subject matter by shifting away from representation and mimesis and towards the purity of mathematical geometry."The square = feeling, the white field = the void beyond this feeling."

Black Square netlabel is about synthesis between image and a sound, music and a photo. And as Malevich's square it does not recognize genre distinctions as in music so in photography, but represents only Suprematism: "the supremacy of pure feeling".
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