BS011 Black Square Cloudcast – back to Avant-Garde II

“After silence, that which comes nearest to expressing the inexpressible is music.” - Aldous Huxley

00:00 John Lennon - Radio Play (1970)
07:57 Michelle Kinney - Coordinated Universal Time (1992)
20:17 Catherine Jauniaux & Ikue Mori - Smell (1992)
25:00 Franz Mon - Da du der bist (1973)
38:04 Phill Niblock - G2, 44+/x2 Toral (2002)


BS010 Black Mouse - The Dead Room

“Moody and melodic songs twisted to reflect the impossible hopes and dreams that we all carry within us. In the end there will be nothing but stale air and the de-oxygenated corpse in the dead room.” - Black Mouse

01 - Dead Room
02 - Tracheotomy
03 - Waste
04 - Walking In The Road
05 - Soon I Will Be...
06 - Awake
07 - I am Sorry
08 - Fall
09 - Testify


BS009 Cameron Steele - Vintage

“This album is about mental illnesses, fears, drugs, confusion, and all the other higher things passed down to us from previous generations.” - Cameron Steele

01 - Golden Man Overboard
02 - Fallback Woman
03 - Center of the Meadow
04 - Stony Road
05 - Moments in City of Death
06 - Robot at Disco
07 - Come To
08 - I Am the Drain
09 - Mismeditation
10 - A Mud Trail to Safety
11 - Change Collector
12 - Rubber Martian
13 - The Forest of Truth
14 - Grand Introspection
15 - Your Protection
16 - The Split Moon
17 - Slip of Morning
18 - To Everything I Knew


In_Cognitus vs. Glenn Gould

"Vibrations that lead beyond… for the reality requires Other reality" - In_Cognitus

"I believe that the justification of art is the internal combustion it ignites in the hearts of men and not its shallow, externalized, public manifestations. The purpose of art is not the release of a momentary ejection of adrenalin but is, rather, the gradual, lifelong construction of a state of wonder and serenity." - Glenn Gould

00:00 In_Cognitus - goAlgothā
06:54 Glenn Gould - Piano Sonata (unfinished): 1st Movement
13:43 In_Cognitus - Sequence 04
17:41 Glenn Gould - Sonata for Bassoon and Piano: 2nd Movement
21:44 In_Cognitus - Sequence 03
29:48 Glenn Gould - Lieberson Madrigal: I. Chorale
30:42 In_Cognitus - Sequence 02
42:32 Glenn Gould - Two Pieces for Piano: No. 1
46:34 In_Cognitus - NOX
01:10:43 Glenn Gould - Two Pieces for Piano: No. 2
01:12:02 Glenn Gould - 'So You Want to Write a Fugue?'
01:17:34 In_Cognitus - goAlgothā..


BS008 Paul Bailey – Music for Controllers

“Music for Controllers are improvisations performed live using ableton live, korg/nanokey, buddha machine and srutibox (iphone), and korg kaossilator

Music for Controllers I
created using ableton live, buddha machine (iphone), korg kaossillator and nano-key

Music for Controllers II
made with Buddha Machine, Scruti Box (iPhone), Korg Kaossilator, and Ableton Live

Music for Controllers III and IV
were improvised live using ableton live/ korg/nanokey, buddha machine (iphone), and the korg kaossilator

Music for Controllers V

improvisation post-whatever ableton, buddha machine (iphone), srutibox just-intonation drone

Music for Controllers VI (A Stable Job is an Oxymor
this track was based on a field recording i made of my last day of work before my “fall break” at CSUF (a one-week non paid work furlough). a few days later i improvised over the recording of my commute (from highland park to union station) with some materials of an earlier piece i made last spring (not getting fired is the new promotion). when it was finished i felt it was a little too minimal and forgot about it until about a week ago and when i listened to it again i realized it pretty accurately captured my dread of what this financial disaster has become in my life.
interestingly enough on that was the same day on my commute home the conductor on my amtrak route told me that she had lost about 75 daily commuters between san diego and los angeles from a year ago and it was pretty sad how so few of us were left. i know for me there aren’t many part time faculty left in the music department at CSUF and at this point it’s can get pretty depressing whenever i think about all of my friends who are out of work.
probably a little TMI, but yeah… i guess it is a bit dark.
spoken word piece based on twitter RSS feeds on the keywords “fired” and “job”. parts of this piece were originally contained in the piece “not getting fired is the new promotion” (2009)
made using ableton live, novation launchpad, korg kaossilator, iphone (buddha machine, srutibox), text-2-speech, and a field recording (zoom H2) of my morning commute (metro goldline from heritage square to union station; los angeles, ca 10/15/2009 (10 min)” – Paul Bailey

01 - Music for Controllers I
02 - Music for Controllers II
03 - Music for Controllers III
04 - Music for Controllers IV
05 - Music for Controllers V
06 - Music for Controllers VI (A Stable Job is an Oxymoron)


BS007 Psychaotic - Teratology

From the arid lands of America comes this little creature crowned with the sharp tones of dark ambient; his shadow describes a shape of dense drone walking with slow industrial compasses.
Teratology, the first malformation of silence from Psychaotic.

01 - A New Equinox
02 - 345-Trimetoxifeniletilamina
03 - In Vitro
04 - Tratado de Teratologia
05 - Monologue of Silence
06 - Dead Mental Cocoon
07 – Xenoglosia


BS006 Black Square Cloudcast - March of Eternal Dreams

Neverending circle hopes & dreams. Always within, forever beyond..

00:00 Muhmood - Dream
02:04 Aenonloo - The Snow Has No Name
17:33 Post Scriptvm - Sea Green Series V (excerpt)
22:40 Immundus - Whispering Walls
26:13 Larsp - Flaques & Nuages
32:18 Crookram - Hostile
36:20 Solipsism - Delusions Outermind (Feat. Jash)
41:03 Visions of Solitude - March of Eternal Dreams
43:44 Ujtanakot - White Rat's First Journey To the Upper Space, 1st movement (allegro)
46:56 Nordvargr - Song of Saturn (demo pre Interstellar 1)
50:31 Bose Ensemble - Untitled (take 1)
01:05:29 Unutterable - Unutterable
01:07:14 Eletrólise - Slow Impact
01:11:06 My Fun - Black Sky
01:15:21 Hardstroke - I Hate That Place


BS005 Gabran - X

"Risotto & Mushrooms, I Hope You Are Well, News and Tears are tracks composed in October/November 2009 ... memory of a meeting and a concert with MCVulcano, AQM Abhorrent and Beauty ... sounds refer to an atmosphere of intense knowledge and friendship, an exchange of lives in another possible world: the world of sounds.

Lullaby is a track composed in December 2009… an attempt to expand a quartet of violas and cellos…

Oh, my dear love! Is a sentimental research into sounds… each sound corresponds to a feeling ... eardrums at the heart arrhythmias, the claves to the crunch of bones, and sounds at the slow flow of emotions ... A meeting of love and destiny…

Requiem… I'm looking for music for my requiem mass ... I have no hurry to die… but I'm looking for a great trip sounds…

Noise with apparitions a return to improvisation and suffused noise of my youth, an underwater world of appearances into the warm of pink sound.

Carmina Britannica is a memory of others sounds... memories of the old decadent haze of romantic and depressive moments… Eardrums disconnect the depressive continuity of choir and electronic sounds… piano trying to recreate the moments that can not be brought back to life… amen!" - Gabran

01 – Risotto & Mushrooms with Friends
02 – I Hope You Are Well
03 – News and Tears
04 – Lullaby (for viola & cello)
05 – Oh, my dear love!
06 – Requiem - X
07 – Noise with apparitions
08 – Carmina Britannica
09 – To my Grandfather Charles (bonus track)


BS004 Radio For The Daydreamers - Clouds Of Smoke And Poison

"This album was dedicated to those days in our lives that we forgot because we thought they were irrelevant. This is meant to be heard by people who believe in magic and people who believe in stories. Chaos ensues. We shall not pray to any god, but to our own. We shall love people who dream and people who need a little more gasoline. Reject the beauty, before it dare rejects you." - Radio For The Daydreamers

01 - Annunciation
02 - The Mechanix of Black Eyes (Sudden movements of Four)
03 - Life Standing By
04 - ''Will You Write My Name In a Different Color'' We Color Each Other's Walls
05 - I Dance Alone (a Silent Poem for Wes Schuit)
06 - Rain on 24th Street
07 - Leavin on a Sunday
08 - Til I Come Back To Sleep
09 - ''When We Sleep, We Hold Hands And Breathe Into Each Other's Thoughts''
10 - I Ran Away From Home Once
11 - Nothing Is Alright In Our Lives
12 - Sleeping on a Cloud
13 - Room 110
14 - ''..The Beach Was Cold And the Bathtub Rusted'', She Said
15 - White Flower Behind The Smoke Clouds (instrumental)


BS003 Black Square Cloudcast – back to Avant-Garde I

“The highest purpose is to have no purpose at all. This puts one in accord with nature, in her manner of operation.” - John Cage

00:00 John Cage - excerpt from Silence (1969)
02:02 Kevin Drumm - True Warriors Endure the Idleness (2005)
14:50 Jaap Blonk - Erster Teil (2003 Version)
24:59 Margaret Leng Tan - Pianoless Vexations (Erik Satie) Sculpture Center, NYC, June 11, 2006
44:10 John Duncan - "No," (recorded live) April 11, 1977