BS004 Radio For The Daydreamers - Clouds Of Smoke And Poison

"This album was dedicated to those days in our lives that we forgot because we thought they were irrelevant. This is meant to be heard by people who believe in magic and people who believe in stories. Chaos ensues. We shall not pray to any god, but to our own. We shall love people who dream and people who need a little more gasoline. Reject the beauty, before it dare rejects you." - Radio For The Daydreamers

01 - Annunciation
02 - The Mechanix of Black Eyes (Sudden movements of Four)
03 - Life Standing By
04 - ''Will You Write My Name In a Different Color'' We Color Each Other's Walls
05 - I Dance Alone (a Silent Poem for Wes Schuit)
06 - Rain on 24th Street
07 - Leavin on a Sunday
08 - Til I Come Back To Sleep
09 - ''When We Sleep, We Hold Hands And Breathe Into Each Other's Thoughts''
10 - I Ran Away From Home Once
11 - Nothing Is Alright In Our Lives
12 - Sleeping on a Cloud
13 - Room 110
14 - ''..The Beach Was Cold And the Bathtub Rusted'', She Said
15 - White Flower Behind The Smoke Clouds (instrumental)