BS076 Victor Ivaniv & MOLOTOK Ensemble - BROKEN WITH A HAMMER

BROKEN WITH A HAMMER - is a co-production album. The music of MOLOTOK Ensemble is arranged with original prose and poetry reading by Victor Ivaniv. This album reading is a part of stories from last book of Victor, “Awake Dreamer”, published in New-York`s Ailuros Publishing. The music tracks is original summa of avant-guard and classics for chamber orchestra and a piano pieces. The sharp sound of glass and the scream of violins meets here the bullfrog of storyteller. A bucklet is illustrated by photos of Nikolai Zaikov, Pavel Proskuriakov and Tatiana Suvirko. The mastering is by Alexey Muhmood Biriukov.

01 - Rothko
02 - Znamenki
03 - Sonata For Flute And Cello
04 - Sonate For Glass


BS075 Ak'chamel, The Giver of Illness - The Divine Vine Tapes

Icaro chants and yaje incantations for the spirit's journey to the other realm. All songs by AK'CHAMEL. Recorded to cassette tape.

01 - The Purge
02 - Syrian Rue
03 - Hoodoo Blood Lore 
04 - El Curandero (Native Ghost Chant)
05 - The Man Who Drank God 
06 - Infierno Verde 
07 - Money Burn 
08 - The Rebirth