BS062 Radio For The Daydreamers - Praying for the Be​(​a​)​st

"away from my room,
it is only light I can hate,
for it is only light I can not be.

"Praying for the Be(a)st" is the second "Act" of the triptych with the same name. This section is a narrative of our character's struggle to find a cure to the plague that his mind has become after visiting Mother Superior in the first act. After tiresome tries to tie a connection with the outside world, a lack of power and therefore, a need for a better perspective is imperative.

The album follows the character as he tries to find shelter in the shades of gray and learns to adapt to any means necessary to get rid of any short-term turmoils. While the real world seems more and more distant, he sees himself as the strongest force in his universe. Creating demons to fight and stars to dismantle, future is not for a few days still." - Radio For The Daydreamers

01 - We Are Only Safe Before Sunrise
02 - Wasted Faces In Secret Places
03 - Dont Give Up On Me Yet, Dad
04 - Glowing Like Angels, You Are On Fire
05 - Ghosts keep me safe, while you are gone
06 - Neither Of Us Will Live On
07 - Bloodlights (Oh I Sleep)
08 - Hours of the Night
09 - Prog Jazz (All musicians are freaks)
10 - When You Die
11 - To Rid the Be(a)st
12 - Necrosis Stupor
13 - Curl Up, Time To Die (When Jazz ate my soul)
14 - No one ever comes here, but me
15 - Freelance dream killing machine
16 - We, the Howling Damned
17 - Treacherous
18 - 30 Pieces of Silver
19 - Knife Party


BS061 Cameron Steele - Orpheus

“Orpheus was a musician from Greek mythology who's wife was sent to the underworld. He traveled there to retrieve her and she was released under the condition that Orpheus did not turn to look at her until they were both out of the underworld. As soon as he was out of the underworld, he turned to look and his wife disappeared because they were not both out yet.

The music has a lot to do with those feelings, as well as the essence of each of the Greek Olympian Gods that the songs are named after.” - Cameron Steele

01 - Zeus
02 - Athena
03 - Aphrodite
04 - Ares
05 - Eros
06 - Artemis
07 - Poseidon
08 - Hephaestus
09 - Hermes
10 - Demeter
11 - Apollo
12 - Dionysus
13 - Hera
14 - Hades
15 - Hestia


BS060 Raining Cloud - Dreamscapes Volume 1

"Dreamscapes Volume 1 is a collaborative album which arose from discussions Joanne Gabriel and I had in early 2010; particularly An Aerial View of Red Earth, which was inspired by a discussion we had about flying dreams. This piece alludes to dream images of flying over the red soil of north-eastern Arizona. The remaining pieces were inspired by images drawn from remembrances of dreams - dream images - and fragments of dreams.
This album attempts to communicate the essence of these images." - Geronimodeleon

01 - An Aerial View of Red Earth
02 - There’s a Cloud in the Street
03 - Paper Ball Flying Slow Motion Through the Air
04 - Stars Over Water
05 - Carrizozo


BS059 Nature Circuit - Fuck This, Tilted Field

Nature Circuit’s first “album,” Fuck This, Tilted Field, mixes elements of previous releases (most notably the power electronics of Songs in the Key of Death) with many new ideas and sound sources, producing a much wider range of textures. The range of the album is notable as well in that it mixes “heavier” tracks with quieter pieces. Recommended to fans of noise, power electronics, drone, and depressing music in general.

01 - Sunlight Hymn
02 - Lucifer Was an Angel
03 - Awaken from the Illusion of Reality
04 - Your Eyes Are the Tides to the Stones on the Shore
05 - The Rain Looked Down and Smiled


BS058 Korin VG - Last Mirage

"All not only is illusory, but also relative... Illusions are relative to illusions - what world we live in?" - Korin VG

01 - Last Mirage 1
02 - Last Mirage 2
03 - Last Mirage 3
04 - Last Mirage 4
05 - Last Mirage 5


BS057 Black Square Cloudcast - Paroxismus

"A paranoiac, like a poet, is born, not made." - Luis Bunuel

Photo: "■" by Giorgi Bigvava

00:00 Porcelain in the Backpack - Touching The Ground Crossing The Air
05:20 Speculativism - Sub Strata
17:50 Muser - Circus Circus
25:28 My Boyfriend the Pilot - Tasublin (Metallic Seraphim March by JJ Sonick)
28:28 Meri von KleinSmid - Schizophrenia
32:31 SFIAS - Joseph of arythmia
35:06 SFIAS - SFIAS vs Sarkoma (procrustean)
39:59 Subterrestrial - Lost in the Game Grid
41:56 Gruph Szec'Ъ - Crying of the Universe
46:19 Roto Visage - Paroxismus
52:25 Richard there - Jesus shooting heroin
56:14 Aerosyn - Noir


BS056 Marc Broude - Medicine

"Overall, it is very hard for me to describe just how I feel about Marc Broude’s “Medicine”. Though I do listen to a lot of experimental music, this album has taken me to a new dimension that I just can’t fully comprehend. The dark and disturbing atmospheres are magnificent, and every element on this album works to create a very gloomy and depressing mood, whether it be the jazz guitars, the haunting singing bowls, or even the harmonicas or accordions in the end track. The album is also very well produced, and at times, the songs do have a great arrangement to them. However, on other occasions, the songs break linear fashion, in that where there is usually a climax or a build-up, it is very hard to distinguish here. Drums can enter, but they never build to anywhere except to cut off abruptly, as well as atmospheres can continue on for very long periods of time, with very slow and rarely evolving textures occurring throughout. Does it sound like a mixture of Lustmord and Scorn? Yes. Is it a very minimal and industrial album? Indeed, yes. Has Marc Broude successfully created an eccentric mix of avant-garde jazz and dark ambient soundscapes? That will be up to you to decide, but in my opinion, he’s come pretty darn close. In fact, much closer than any other musician has. If you are a fan of Lustmord, Lull, Scorn, dark ambient, avant-garde jazz, or just flat-out strange music in general, this will most likely appeal to you. However, please note that this album is not for everyone, nor is it necessarily for the faint of heart at times as well. Would I recommend it? Most definitely. 8 out of 10 stars.." - Ian Felpel

01 - Mineral Water
02 - Face Covered in Shit
03 - Fire on the Water
04 - Happy Like Jazz
05 - For the Flies
06 - War of the Worlds
07 - Muerte


BS055 Joewl Levis - Broken Eart

"The album cover was painted by my 4 year old son. Eart is reference to the Earth, being broken so loosing the H. Its a concept that came to me in the 80's. The actual recordings were based on 3 war movies. An isreali film called Kippur, cros of Iron and waterloo." - Joewl Levis

01 - Crushing Their Souls
02 - Inhibitions to Die
03 - I believe God is a sadist, but probably doesn't know it.


BS054 Kid Feardive - Kid Feardive

"The idea here is to create naïve music with an avant-garde edge. About half the tracks are essentially songs--short pieces with melodies and repeating sections--but made with extremely harsh sounds. They're melodic noise, so to speak. The other half are also noisy, but longer and free-form with no structure at all other their own sonic personalities, and the use of very simple kraut-rock influenced beats. (Viva Faust and Tony Conrad!)" - Kid Feardive

01 - The Invisible Arm Growing Out of Your Back
02 - Kick Return Basis
03 - Clover Honeywing Variant
04 - Mushroom Angels Kitchen Angels
05 - Revolving Money Statue
06 - Two Tiny Melodies
07 - Frankie and Go Alice
08 - Office String Effects
09 - Silver Slugs Eat a Surfer Tune
10 - Telephone Duet
11 - Circuit Elephant Peanut Derby
12 - Ballet Wait Staff Antics
13 - Brief Discussion at Frozen Party



"Sky, cradle of the Earth
Her dreams make a world we are living in
All is just an illusion
Everything is a dream...

- It is said enough, I suppose - why do we need to reveal a mystery?.." - Korin VG

01 - dream 1 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 1)
02 - dream 2 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 1)
03 - dream 3 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 1)
04 - dream 4 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 1)

05 - dream 5 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 2-1)
06 - dream 6 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 2-1)

07 - dream 7 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 2-2)
08 - dream 8 (DREAMS OF THE EARTH 2-2)



"I think ‘Gogmagog’ is a lost classic, a real timeless masterpiece. All I could find out about the release was this on Discogs - http://www.discogs.com/Folding-Staircase-Gogmagog/release/740094

I bought this cassette in the mid eighties. It was for sale via the Coil mailing list, back in the day when things existed, a time when there were real tangible objects.

In between side one and two of ‘Gogmagog’ I have placed some of my field recordings. I made the flute recordings by a street musician on a very cheap cassette recorder. They were recorded in Kathmandu in the very early 90’s.

Following this is a cassette recording that was given to me in Siwa, Egypt. Unfortunately I have no idea who the artists are playing on this.

After this I have placed another field recording I made in Kathmandu, this time of a street musician singing and playing a small bowed instrument much like a violin.

Sorry for the sound quality!" - Andrew Liles

The Folding Staircase - Land Of Stone
The Folding Staircase - Gogmagog
The Folding Staircase - Artemis
The Folding Staircase - Crying Flesh
The Folding Staircase - Chorus - Water
The Folding Staircase - Chorus - Fire
The Folding Staircase - Set On The Hill
Andrew Liles - Field Recording 1 Kathmandu, Nepal
Andrew Liles - Field Recording 2 Kathmandu, Nepal
Andrew Liles - Field Recording 3 Kathmandu, Nepal
Unknown Artist - Egyptian Music
Andrew Liles - Field Recording 4 Kathmandu, Nepal
The Folding Staircase - Organ Works, Parts 1-6
The Folding Staircase - Organ Works, Part 7


BS052 Radio For The Daydreamers - Mother Superior and Her Fields of Migraine

After the first album, Radio for the Daydreamers have worked on defining their sound much more and have tried to create a balance of different elements(/genres/styles/whathaveyou) of music. We have collaborated with some amazing artists recently, and have thence created "Praying for the be(a)st", a tryptich following a creative non-fiction story of a faustian character. Our intentions with this album, were to take elements from avant garde jazz, classical music, black metal and electronic music and create an amalgamation.

"Mother Superior and Her Fields of Migraine" is the first installment of the Praying for the be(a)st tryptich. This section tells the story of our character indulging in misery, self-realization, seclusion, developing phobias, anxieties and a need to break out to help his own mind. Accepting negativities, even though it is clear that the consequences of those negativities would be grim. To accept evil just to get some purpose. This section of the story takes place in a single room. We hope the music is picturesque enough for you to immerse yourselves into this story.

01 - Black River Time Bombs
02 - With Wings, You Will Learn To Fall
03 - Wasted Faces In Secret Places (Behind This Wall Acoustic Version)
04 - Crawl Into My Crawl Space
05 - Ghosts Keep Me Safe, While You Are Gone (Pictures Of Invisible People Remix)
06 - Magnetar Mephisto
07 - Goodbye Voltaire (You Gave Me Sleep)
08 - I Am Not Coming Back Home
09 - Goodbye Voltaire (And All The Rain That Made Me Smile)
10 - No One Ever Comes Here, But Me (Død Av En Spøkelse Versjon)
11 - Always In Hallways
12 - Curl Up, Time To Die
13 - Praying For the Be(a)st
14 - Every God Is A Monster
15 - Freelance Dream Killing Machine (Gunpoint Dub Mix)


BS051 Citizen Prozac - I. Began. Cube.

"Come with me to where the light meets the sky
Beneath the glow we can fill our minds
Nothing can go wrong
Something always goes wrong..." - Citizen Prozac

01 - The Rainbow Fish
02 - Thugs in Suits
03 - Take me Back
04 - Fat Justice
05 - Winterfell
06 - Nevermore
07 - A Dog in the Rain
08 - Silencer
09 - Goodbye


BS050 Various Artists - Doing Nothing

Too many things created by chaos continue to feed this entropy. Now it`s time for Doing Nothing..

01 Cometa - Root
02 Miquel Parera Jaques - nxLiveCode17_2011-04-22_05-46-11
03 Korin VG - Dance
04 Marco Lucchi - Lorca
05 Geronimodeleon - Tea
06 KraftiM - Flowall
07 Soliton - To distant places they have flown
08 Wilhelm Matthies and Mehata Hiroshi - Itsukashima
09 Kalendar -
10 In_Cognitus - Ouroboros
11 Citizen Prozac - A Dog in the Rain


BS049 Ocelote Rojo - Pacarina

"Ocelote Rojo is Francisco Aravena making amazing homemade recordings which you could describe as world lo-fi music with a tropical feel in them.
If you need a comparison, it brings in mind a summer version of Hala Strana's sound without his droning part but with the same ability to capture beauty with an acoustic guitar." - Natasja

01 - Tenochtitlan Sunbeam Gun
02 - Untitled #1
03 - H'ain
04 - Kaykay Filu
05 - Nostalgia (bonus track)


BS048 Black Square Cloudcast - back to Avant-Garde VII

“Dabbe will appear, closed to judgement day. Will shake the world" - from Turkish film "D@bbe" (2006) Director: Hasan Karacadag

"The word 'Dabbe' appears in a number of verses of the Qur'an, although Surat an-Naml: 82 is the only one that refers to this particular event that will happen in the final times. When we set out the features of the 'Dabbe' as it appears in this verse, the following picture emerges:
1. The Dabbe is a moving, living thing.
2. The Dabbe is the product of the earth.
3. The Dabbe is a thing or creature that speaks and gives a particular message, which is addressed to all of mankind." - End of Times

Photo: "Face 026. © S.A" by Sylvestre Anasse

00:00 Max Neuhaus - 'John Cage - Fontana Mix - Feed' (1967)
09:56 Mauricio Kagel - Acustica, Side 1 (1971)
33:32 Robert Ashley - She Was A Visitor (1968)
38:56 Arrigo Lora-Totino - L'esperienza (1965)
51:21 Remko Scha - Shake (1982)


BS047 Urban Interventions - Headphone Travels 01

The first release of "Urban Interventions" - "Headphone Travels 01", brings together AN MOKU and Marcus Beuter prepared live sets and creates a personal interpretation of an urban ambiance.

Foto and Design by Sara Hochuli
Mastering by Jan Bertram

01 - Headphone Travels 01


BS046 Black Square Cloudcast - Walking Through

"...occasionally I wished I could walk through a picture window and have the sharp, broken shards slash me to ribbons so I would finally look like I felt." - Elizabeth Lee Wurtzel

00:00 Muhmood - Lonesome
04:00 Melophobia - 09 (earth has shifted on its axis)
09:36 Speculativism - Something To Be Thankful For
14:42 - 19:40 МП44 - Бог
16:16 Christophe Meulien - Tonton, pourquoi tu tousse
26:10 Jordan Prestrot - Interlude : Show Your Ad Here
27:17 Дима Беслан - Потреблядь
30:19 Cagey House - Lower the Bubble Viewer
34:03 Ego Ex Nihil - Tight Connection
38:57 o.blaat - during the brief twilight
42:35 Megatone - Eden
52:48 Sintellect - Memphisto (original by Depeche Mode)
57:20 Black Mouse - Dream Shadows


BS045 Skerror - Tundra Show

"Obsidian dub monster escapes the ice." - Skerror

01 - Crocturne
02 - Carapace Waves
03 - Teflon Beach
04 - Span Freeze
05 - Plock Sticker
06 - PCPolar Bear
07 - Swishy Space Train
08 - RBowXMachina
09 - Wolverton Northside
10 - Deadstar Uphill
11 - Hiber Froszzt
12 - Krattler
13 - Owahs Narc
14 - Mowszwhale


BS044 Various Artists - BeSt of 10-11

"BeSt of 10-11" - collection of the best tracks released by Black Square netlabel in the first year of its existence.

01 Black Mouse - Soon I Will Be...
02 Gabran - Risotto & Mushrooms with Friends
03 Cagey House - Champion Major Monk
04 Cezary Gapik [aka CEZAR] - #0441
05 Bose Ensemble - UHT milk trauma
06 Melophobia - 02
07 Subterrestrial - Ezhdehā
08 Christophe Meulien - I can`t open the door
09 Thus The Tinsilemen - Fortune Teller
10 Yajna Vedana - Atma Shatakam
11 In_Cognitus - solv
12 Carlos Lemosh - Metal Meal Menu (不论什么)
13 Cameron Steele - Circa Circus
14 Syrtis Major - Death In Springtime
15 Paul Bailey - Music for Controllers VI
16 Radio For The Daydreamers - Leavin On A Sunday
17 Sanmi - I wish I could play Jazz
18 Geronimodeleon - A Cycle of Goodness
19 Fescal - Scampi with Marmite
20 John Storm - Lisa Carol Freemont
21 A Screaming Comes Across the Sky - I Love 1970s Experimental German Music
22 KraftiM - Jonoo
23 ZMG - p5
24 Skerror - Arboretum Interrogatum
25 Psychaotic - Monologue of Silence
26 Speculativism - I'm Not a Mouse
27 Hyaena Fierling Reich - rosa de lobo
28 Alexei Biryukoff - back home


BS043 Carlos Lemosh - Program

Untitled - Sound Source: Coin, Plastic Bubbles, Elastic, Exploding Glasses, Applause Samplers. Techno Kit. 130 bpm
At Night They Come - Sound Source : Kadoo Vocal, Applause, Coin, 60‘s Luster Creme Shampoo Commercial Samplers. Analog Techno & Classic Electro Kit. 120 bpm
Kids - Sound Source : Kids Field Recording, X-file Samplers, Kassiolator. 120 bpm
Delicious Can (BPA High) - Sound Source : Fruit Can, Applause, Elastic Rubber Band, Farm, Bleep, Caxixi Samplers. 120 bpm
B-Happy - Sound Source : Coin, Claps, Bday Samplers, Kassiolator. Classic Techno, Funk Boogie, electric Dub & IDM Kit. 130 bpm
Noturno - Sound Source : Solange Vocals, Cdrom, Blackjoke String Samplers. 114bpm
House - Sound Source : Bleep Beat, Cucko Beat, Plastic Bubble, Coin Beat Samplers. Minimal & Deep House Kit. 120 bpm
Space Shooters - Sound Source : Pacman Samplers, Clapbeat. Nouveaux Disco, Hiphop, Destructo & Drum Kit. 115 bpm
Coastal - Sound Source : Cuckobeat, Canario, Kids samplers. Destructo, Classic Techno, Warped Idm & Hiphop Kit. Dominator & Glitch Synths. 130 bpm
Speaker Identification Test - Sound Source : Da Lata, Pink Noise, Cuckobeat, Delicious Can, Acoustic Guitar, Bicha Funk ,S.I.D & Human Beat Samplers. 120 bpm
Aquiles - Sound Source : Kadoo “New”, Calcanhar de Aquiles samplers. Analog Deep Bass, Classic Hiphop & Hiphop 90’s Kit. 97 bpm
Panela - Sound Source : Panela Field Recording, Metal Bang, Harp, String, Piano Samplers. Drum’Bass Remix Kit. 80 bpm
Debossy - Sound Source : Kadoo Clap, Kadoo Beat, Cdrom, Coin, Coin Beat Samplers. Nouveaux Disco, Warped Drum&Bass Kit. 111 Bpm
On It! (Bonus Track) - Sound Source : I’m On Field Recording, Adam Beat, Bicha Beat, Caxixi, Heat Beat Samplers. Warped Downtown & Analog Funk Bass Kit. 138 bpm

01 - Untitled
02 - At Night They Come
03 - Kids
04 - Delicious Can (BPA High)
05 - B-Happy
06 - Noturno
07 - House
08 - Space Shooters
09 - Coastal
10 - Speaker Identification Test
11 - Aquiles
12 - Panela
13 - Debossy
14 - On It! (Bonus Track)


BS042 Пограничное Состояние - Узнай себя

За время восстановления состава проекта "Пограничное Состояние" и была записана эта великолепная программа, лишённая ударных и баса. остались только гитара, вокал и синтезатор. Ничего более - всё было записано на хромовую плёнку французского производства, что придало записи ещё большую пушистость.
То, что вы услышите - одна из версий звучания текстовой концепции Константина Божьева в аранжировке (и, местами, музыке) Виталия Электронойзова.

01 - Узнай себя


BS041 Hyaena Fierling Reich - Kalahest

sound sources: vox, knives, metal percussions, wood, ebow, ceramic Mayan flutes, prepared bass guitar, hexluth, stones

recorded in Lisbon and North Portugal 2009-2011 at Gnomon Studio and Necrosymphonic Studio

all themes originally created, digitally mastered, sequenced and edited by Hyaena Fierling Reich except references: chants from the Vietnamese Hmong women, Quran surah and traditional folklore song from Trás os Montes.
poems by Guillaume Apolinaire, Ezra Pound and HFR.

thank you:
the Millian gang. Marx. Johnny and the 4Luas crew. Charles Sangnoir. M.L.Ferro. Vitor Rua. M.Joana. Geoff Balme. Alex Zhul. all friends who helped...

"a heart of stone is never a good thing to carry within..."

01 - smiling radiant
02 - trembling, shining matter
03 - clouds immense
04 - I am thy soul Nikoptis
05 - immense ocean of cosmic waters
06 - potentia (bursting out light)
07 - a raging ocean inside
08 - from cold december
09 - human transfixed
10 - strange to desire
11 - meteorite bright mica mercury
12 - kal a hest
13 - rosa de lobo
14 - in a strange way
15 - regent in burlap
16 - perpetuum mobile
17 - dog star rising