BS060 Raining Cloud - Dreamscapes Volume 1

"Dreamscapes Volume 1 is a collaborative album which arose from discussions Joanne Gabriel and I had in early 2010; particularly An Aerial View of Red Earth, which was inspired by a discussion we had about flying dreams. This piece alludes to dream images of flying over the red soil of north-eastern Arizona. The remaining pieces were inspired by images drawn from remembrances of dreams - dream images - and fragments of dreams.
This album attempts to communicate the essence of these images." - Geronimodeleon

01 - An Aerial View of Red Earth
02 - There’s a Cloud in the Street
03 - Paper Ball Flying Slow Motion Through the Air
04 - Stars Over Water
05 - Carrizozo


BS059 Nature Circuit - Fuck This, Tilted Field

Nature Circuit’s first “album,” Fuck This, Tilted Field, mixes elements of previous releases (most notably the power electronics of Songs in the Key of Death) with many new ideas and sound sources, producing a much wider range of textures. The range of the album is notable as well in that it mixes “heavier” tracks with quieter pieces. Recommended to fans of noise, power electronics, drone, and depressing music in general.

01 - Sunlight Hymn
02 - Lucifer Was an Angel
03 - Awaken from the Illusion of Reality
04 - Your Eyes Are the Tides to the Stones on the Shore
05 - The Rain Looked Down and Smiled


BS058 Korin VG - Last Mirage

"All not only is illusory, but also relative... Illusions are relative to illusions - what world we live in?" - Korin VG

01 - Last Mirage 1
02 - Last Mirage 2
03 - Last Mirage 3
04 - Last Mirage 4
05 - Last Mirage 5