BS074 Cagey House - This Flag Means be Still

"These tracks are about stasis. 

"Living Grass on I-70" started as a short percussion solo. I slowed it way down--something like 800%--until the sound became really degraded. Then I kept altering the pitch until the sonic degradations became the main voice in the track.

"The Finger Can't See" is an experiment with out of phase repetition, boredom, and annoyance.

"Delicate Clock Runs the Street" is the result of a set of rules that force harmonic motion while simultaneously preventing resolution." 

"The Second Fawn" is an arrangement of a single sample (at different pitches and durations) of a Thor's Hammer virtual synthesizer being turned off in mid-note." - Cagey House 

cover art by Brandi Strickland

01 - Living Grass on I-70
02 - The Finger Can't See
03 - Delicate Clock Runs the Street
04 - The Second Fawn


Free Pussy Riot!

Today is 1-year anniversary of 'Punk Prayer' performance by Pussy Riot. This mix is a tribute to artists who fight for values and principles of gender equality, democracy and freedom of expression.

00:00 Евгений Алексеев - Богородица, Путина прогони
07:24 Checkpoint 303 - Pussy Riot Kropotkin Vodka (Lo-Fi Remix)
10:46 Mukluk - Poutine Extra-Sauce Mix
16:15 Gargle & Expel - Free Pussy Riot remix
19:05 Alice Bag - Free Pussy Riot
20:18 Zorras - Weapons of minor destruction
24:06 Barbara Browning - Punk Prayer (Pussy Riot Cover)
26:01 Obiekt 172 - August 15th 2012 Pussy Riot incantations
32:10 Tresi - Pussy Riot tribute
37:32 Pussy Riot - Punk Prayer (True Womanhood RMX)
41:36 Peaches Rocks - Free Pussy Riot
44:08 Noize MC - Во имя Отца и Сына и Святого Духа
47:14 Барто - Кисья Ересь (feat. КА4) [PUSSY RIOT cover]
51:19 The Implicit Order - Political Stab At Pussy Riot
53:25 Pussy Riot - Путин зажигает костры революций


BS073 Radio for the Daydreamers - Denouement

"The final section of the triptych "Praying for the Be(a)st", "Denouement" continues and concludes the story of our protagonist through all the discrepancies and dilemmas. A realization of the power of existence and dreaming, this record tells the story of that character realizing that without an audience, a catastrophe is short lived. So eventually. it is up to him to stop fueling the fire. 

"To embrace the sunlight, 
that brought me my eyesores. 
My demons and gods. 
are only as mighty as I wish." - Radio for the Daydreamers

01 - The Tender Is Frightening
02 - Dorian, The Apathetic
03 - But Passive Aggression Is All I Have Got 
04 - Lush Black (When Will It Rain Again)
05 - Confusion Is My Birthright
06 - Lower Than Angels
07 - Everything You Can Not C# 
08 - Drawing Teeth On The Moon
09 - But Pessimism Is All I Have Got
10 - Insect Eyes (Please Wake Me Never Again)
11 - The Emotion Incomplete
12 - I See People
13 - We Are Safe And Sound
14 - I Create My Own Demons To Fight
15 - But Life Is All I Have Got
16 - The Surface Is Tension
17 - A Lone Drive Away
18 - Closure (A Reductive Totem)