BS072 pato cós - parede que me toca

"parede que me toca" reunites three works: 

"mirrita": From the sound of the machine, other sounds are perceived as organic. They are not, but the machine is built by man. The silence interrupts the machine. The animal deflagrates. It challenges it but it is not freed from it. The machine is there. So is the human;

"comoção": It begins with a blow that turns into a wave of noise. Another comes. The noise reveals itself human and makes us feel something; 

"cauterização": Reflection on the voracity of human relationships. 

Music and photography by pato cós.

01 - ignaro (i) 
02 - ignaro (ii) 
03 - sem título 
04 - ousa 
05 - comoção (i) 
06 - comoção (ii) 
07 - cauterização (i) 
08 - cauterização (ii)
09 - cauterização (iii)
10 - cauterização (iv)