BS054 Kid Feardive - Kid Feardive

"The idea here is to create naïve music with an avant-garde edge. About half the tracks are essentially songs--short pieces with melodies and repeating sections--but made with extremely harsh sounds. They're melodic noise, so to speak. The other half are also noisy, but longer and free-form with no structure at all other their own sonic personalities, and the use of very simple kraut-rock influenced beats. (Viva Faust and Tony Conrad!)" - Kid Feardive

01 - The Invisible Arm Growing Out of Your Back
02 - Kick Return Basis
03 - Clover Honeywing Variant
04 - Mushroom Angels Kitchen Angels
05 - Revolving Money Statue
06 - Two Tiny Melodies
07 - Frankie and Go Alice
08 - Office String Effects
09 - Silver Slugs Eat a Surfer Tune
10 - Telephone Duet
11 - Circuit Elephant Peanut Derby
12 - Ballet Wait Staff Antics
13 - Brief Discussion at Frozen Party