BS005 Gabran - X

"Risotto & Mushrooms, I Hope You Are Well, News and Tears are tracks composed in October/November 2009 ... memory of a meeting and a concert with MCVulcano, AQM Abhorrent and Beauty ... sounds refer to an atmosphere of intense knowledge and friendship, an exchange of lives in another possible world: the world of sounds.

Lullaby is a track composed in December 2009… an attempt to expand a quartet of violas and cellos…

Oh, my dear love! Is a sentimental research into sounds… each sound corresponds to a feeling ... eardrums at the heart arrhythmias, the claves to the crunch of bones, and sounds at the slow flow of emotions ... A meeting of love and destiny…

Requiem… I'm looking for music for my requiem mass ... I have no hurry to die… but I'm looking for a great trip sounds…

Noise with apparitions a return to improvisation and suffused noise of my youth, an underwater world of appearances into the warm of pink sound.

Carmina Britannica is a memory of others sounds... memories of the old decadent haze of romantic and depressive moments… Eardrums disconnect the depressive continuity of choir and electronic sounds… piano trying to recreate the moments that can not be brought back to life… amen!" - Gabran

01 – Risotto & Mushrooms with Friends
02 – I Hope You Are Well
03 – News and Tears
04 – Lullaby (for viola & cello)
05 – Oh, my dear love!
06 – Requiem - X
07 – Noise with apparitions
08 – Carmina Britannica
09 – To my Grandfather Charles (bonus track)