BS027 KraftiM - Jobin

il était une fois une poubelle....

Once upon a time there was a bin.
Filled with orphanaged soundsnippets from an artist who hesitated what to do with it. Along came a soundarchitect who just learned to behave more ecologically responsable. And so the bin was searched carefully, parts were scrubbed, put in a new home, chopped, treated, refined, remodelled and combined until 7 tracks came out.
The artist is Joanne Gabriel, the sounds are recycled by KraftiM. The titles are derived from the original tracknames and should be pronounced in french...

and now there is Jobin

01 - Jorigin
02 - Jocir
03 - Jorizon
04 - Jospace
05 - Jonoo
06 - Jomem
07 - Jovisle

Voice and guitar: Joanne Gabriel
Drums on Jonoo: Jorpen Parker
synths, mixing and production: KraftiM
Mastering: Doc

Sleevedesign: KraftiM
based on the picture simulacrum ~5.1 from In_Cognitus