BS026 John Storm - Severe Sensational Teenage Soul

John Storm: Severe Sensational Teenage Soul
Recorded 2010 at Rl'yeh, CA, USA
For stolen portions, refer:
1. Andre Popp, Jim Backus, Slapp Happy
2. Dogtoys.com
3. Verne Langdon, Electric Lemon Record Co.
4. Lee Hazlewood
5. Super Mario World, Coca-Cola
Steve Hazzard is the Walrus

01 - Exhaltation of the Avatar of Lord Baphomet/Severe Sensational Teenage Soul
02 - Don'cha Feel Like a Sex Machine?
03 - Abraham Lincoln's Pizza Cabin
04 - Lisa Carol Freemont
05 - The Fever That Makes You Move Your Hips