BS066 Desposyni - The Radiant Mindfield

A collaboration between Ade Bordicott (MUTATE) and Hyaena Fierling Reich, Desposyni sculpt, collage and maim sound into twisted soundscapes. At times cloying and intense, they deliver Walls of unease at will. Spoken word vistas.

Complete improvisation - every performance different; unique.

Alchemical malcontents. A Bacon painting put to sound.

recorded live @ Dusk Till Dawn in London 04.03.2012
recording & production: Adrian Bordicott
all live, no overdubs

Tim Drage and Max Leonard Hitchings
Alex @ Black Square

01 - la pell de brau
02 - interference I
03 - song of the wind
04 - interference II
05 - in the desert garden
06 - interference III
07 - from the woods of Berkana (reuptake)
08 - interference IV
09 - Dusk till dawn gig (Live in London)