BS041 Hyaena Fierling Reich - Kalahest

sound sources: vox, knives, metal percussions, wood, ebow, ceramic Mayan flutes, prepared bass guitar, hexluth, stones

recorded in Lisbon and North Portugal 2009-2011 at Gnomon Studio and Necrosymphonic Studio

all themes originally created, digitally mastered, sequenced and edited by Hyaena Fierling Reich except references: chants from the Vietnamese Hmong women, Quran surah and traditional folklore song from Trás os Montes.
poems by Guillaume Apolinaire, Ezra Pound and HFR.

thank you:
the Millian gang. Marx. Johnny and the 4Luas crew. Charles Sangnoir. M.L.Ferro. Vitor Rua. M.Joana. Geoff Balme. Alex Zhul. all friends who helped...

"a heart of stone is never a good thing to carry within..."

01 - smiling radiant
02 - trembling, shining matter
03 - clouds immense
04 - I am thy soul Nikoptis
05 - immense ocean of cosmic waters
06 - potentia (bursting out light)
07 - a raging ocean inside
08 - from cold december
09 - human transfixed
10 - strange to desire
11 - meteorite bright mica mercury
12 - kal a hest
13 - rosa de lobo
14 - in a strange way
15 - regent in burlap
16 - perpetuum mobile
17 - dog star rising