BS031 Cagey House - Major Monk (plus three)

"The first four tracks on Major Monk Plus 3 are music-oriented sound collages that loosely follow an anti-rationalist simian protagonist as he pursues his life-long vendetta against a group of prim'e numbers who run a mustard factory. (Thanks to Clarica and Lucy Burgoyne at Librivox for swell vocal samples, and to Corsica_S at Freesound for the mustard lady.) The remaining tracks are more-or-less conventional instrumental pieces with some vocal embellishments." - Cagey House

01 - Champion Major Monk
02 - Trouble in Mustard Town
03 - A Ship Made of Tears
04 - Major Monk Addresses the Author
05 - The Basement Numbers
06 - Jack the Marble and the Policeman
07 - Fast Asleep in the Poconos