BS021 A Screaming Comes Across the Sky - Take That Hüsker

All songs © 2004 John Storm/Andrei Benjamin
Recorded at R’lyeh, CA
Produced by Storm/Benjamin
Mixed, engineered and recorded by John
This recording includes performances by: Ted Klondike, Mason, Jaws, Dixon, Arnox, Salsa Bunch, Henrix, Joe Matt.
This recording contains a sample of “Mr. Jones” by Counting Crows, and the cover is a facsimile of “There’s Always Room on the Broom”, by Liars, which in and of itself is a facsimile of “Strategies Against Architecture” by Eintruzende Neubauten, none of it used with permission, but we hope they don’t mind.
ASCATS proudly uses Memphis`ѕ size guitars, Squire Sidekick practice amps, Yamaha Porta-Sound PSS-460, Kool Toys “My First Band” toy drumkit, Squire Strat Guitar, Tascam Porta-Studio 414 MKII, Squire 3-string P-Bass, Maxell II magnetic tape, Dell computers, Radioshack Omnidirectional Mic, GTR Harmonium, Sony Cassette-Corder TCM-200D, Nokia cellphone.

2010 Notes by John Storm:

Ah...2004. A year of waves, babes, and heavily-armed enclaves. And in this turbulent time same a saviour: the first album by the now-legendary A Screaming Comes Across the Sky. What started as a true crusade, to destroy the infidels of bland indie pop (or possibly as a joke to spite a co-worker) blossomed, like the proverbial fungus, scattering its spores o'er the landscape of music until it would be damn hard to get out without going to the doctor. It woos you to know, dear reader, that at the end of the record is a recoding of the first-ever performance of the band, when at the time I was joined by two quite attractive women, at least far more so than Mr. Benjamin, not that he didn't have that little sumthin-sumthin himself, usually after the fifth scotch. At the end of the title track, I hurt myself by drinking some scalding soup. It's a scary world!

01 - I Love Punk Rock
02 - Take That Hüsker
03 - Joe Matt/Will, Eat Your Hart Out
04 - Punk Rock
05 - I Love 1970’s Experimental German Music