BS016 Alexei Biryukoff - Talmenka

“This is my first album devoted purely to field recordings.
Talmenka is the name of the river in Altai Region and a village that stands on it. It's been a very inspiring place for me, surrounded by the woods, lakes and two rivers.
So here is a bunch of tracks I recorded on my several trips there.
I am sure next time I will come up with something more conceptual, but meanwhile I wanted to share a few local frequencies that are more like a sound diary of last summer.
The artwork that goes along with this release are photos of the places where the recordings were done.
Hope you will enjoy the tracks and the artwork.” - Alexei Biryukoff

01 - a six min trip
02 - crowd
03 - geese
04 - saw
05 - farm meadow
06 - dry grass
07 - thruck and thunder
08 - broken tree in the river
09 - night
10 - night fire
11 - river and birds
12 - sheapherd
13 - lonely cow
14 - rain
15 - back home