BS002 KraftiM - Voiedge

Voiedge (a trip to the edges of the void?) with collected works from KraftiM made in 2007/2008. These tracks haven`t been released on Musictrade, On 3 tracks rhythmpatterns of dutch artist Justbase were used. Most tracks have a darkish doomy feel, but never without a sprinkling touch of hope. Haumter and Chursed are based on live cathedral recordings (the Zoom H4 makes wonders) but adapted on KraftiM's VST's. On Bearice you can hear one of the last Polar Bears begging for seals, Fratatag and Drong both contain monastery fieldrecordings.

01 - Haumter
02 - Bearice *
03 - Chursed
04 - Eksidens *
05 - Fratatag
06 - Analogemini *
07 - Drong

* Rhytmpatterns supplied by Justbase